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What is Involved in Building a New Website

What is Involved in Building a New Website

So, you want to build a new website? Well, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out just what it’s going to take to get cracking on building a website.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is both deceptively hard yet very easy. It is easy because more often than not, your domain name is just the name of your company or the brand you are trying to build. Simple enough, right? If you are really at a loss for ideas, you can always get a website such as www.yourname.com.

Well, it is not that simple. Unless your actual name or the brand name you want is unique, the chances are someone with a similar name already owns the domain name. Worse, there are a lot of unsavoury people who buy domain names in hopes of selling them to someone else for a profit.

These cyber-squatters can get bad in anticipation of something big that will come out. Let’s say that a major tech company creates a new product that will revolutionise the industry. There is a high chance that cyber-squatters will eat up online domain names related to the name of this new gadget in hopes of making these large firms pay big bucks for the domain.

Give this some thought and don’t be surprised if someone already owns the domain name you want. If so, think again, you’ll get the right name eventually.

Style and Appearance (based on brand, target audience, and company messaging)

Here is where web design 101 comes into play. You need to choose a style and appearance that conform to your brand and target audience. It must be suited to broadcast your company’s message.

Style and appearance get tricky when we consider that the design has to be unique enough to stand out from the crowd but, at the same time, familiar so as not to alienate your target audience.

Carefully tread this path of web design “do’s and don’ts” by doing careful research on what are the standard styles and appearances in the market you want to enter.

Context (text and images)

When it comes to sending a message, context is critical. A critical rule among content creators is "content is king, context is god." Making content for the sake of content is fantastic, but keep in mind that the context of your information is also essential. Be very careful to make sure readers or viewers cannot misinterpret your content.

An excellent example of how the public can misunderstand content is the pictures of Prince Harry seemingly giving people the middle finger that went viral. After some time, another image of the same event showed that Prince Harry was making the 'Ok' hand gesture and the angle of the shot obstructed his other fingers.

Decide hosting provider and package.

There are plenty of web hosting services that have website builder apps as a value-added proposition. Shopping for the service that makes building a website easy is probably the right place to start. Remember to consider the value provided by the hosting service compared to how much you are going to spend to start and maintain your website.

Keep the Site Updated

Finally, make sure your website is frequently updated. Google and other search engines tend to reward engagement, and if people visit your site multiple times, it raises the profile of the website to other users. However, if it has the same boring, stale content from 2018 with outdated info, what are the chances that anyone will want to revisit it?

Fresh content drives new visits and new engagement. If you want your new website to survive, make sure you have something new for repeat visitors. Building a website is simple, but you have to keep it fresh.

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