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Factory Efficiency & Automation Software

Supporting Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma Improvements

Lean Manufacturing Solutions

Achieve Lean & Six Sigma goals through the use of smart software solutions.

Connect With ERP Systems

Expand SAP & ERP by extending your existing data flow.

Implement JIT, Kanban & Pull

Create digital tools and processes to fit your chosen methodologies.

Realtime Updates 
& Reporting

Live Data input allows management access to realtime data and alerts.

Digitise Slow Paper Processes

Any paper process can be digitised, saving time and reducing errors.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Workflow

Every factory has unique processes yet most share the same goal, maximising efficiency and output.

Our software solutions are custom built for each factory in order to squeeze the maximum performance out of your production lines.

Whatever problem you are experiencing or area looking to optimise, our team are here to help build the perfect solution.

Subsidised up to 100% by Thailand Board of Investment

Factories in Thailand can benefit  from subsidies between 50-100% of the project investment, which will be received as Corporate Income Tax Deductions.

This is provided by Thailand's Board of Investment under Section 5 (Software Integration) of the Efficiency Enhancement Measure. 

If your factory can cut costs, increase productivity AND reduce your tax bill it really becomes the smart thing to do.

Learn More on Efficiency Enhancement Measures

Concept Ideas We Can Build For Factories

All Projects are custom built to your requirements, these ideas are here for inspiration.
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