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Startup Studio

When we have spare development capacity we focus on our favourite activity, building our own new startups in-house!

Combining the Lean Startup Methodology with the Startup Studio model (sometimes referred to as Venture Builders, Startup Factory or Startup Foundry), we quickly iterate on taking multiple ideas to proof of concept simultaneously. The ideas that fail to gain traction get binned or shelved with successful projects getting spun out into separate companies to begin their own independent journey.

By working on multiple startups at the same time we maximise our chances of success and eliminate the desire to stick with a failing idea that kills so many startups.

Our experiments in different areas keep our development teams at the top of their game, developing skills and learning new industries. This helps our own work and also helps the output we deliver to clients.

Startup Partners

We also work with and support various other startups around the world.

We help early stage startup founders by offering a FREE consultation to help guide them on the right path, offering support that we wish we had when getting started.

Many startups hire us to help validate their idea or outsource their software development, taking advantage of our experienced and startup friendly teams.

Some we are helping to develop through our startup incubator, mentoring, consulting or providing other support.

Plus some are former startups we founded in-house, which have since graduated to become their own standalone businesses.

Our Process

  • Idea
  • MVP
  • Test and validate
  • Stop, proceed or pivot
  • Demonstrate Growth
  • Spin-off and funding
  • Repeat

Current & Previous Startups

These are some of the startups we have working on, either internally or as a partner.

Condo Helper
EzyFood App
Webmaster Sidekick
funeral notifiaction

Successful Spinoffs

These are the startups we built from scratch and have now departed AWcode to run as their own independent companies. was the first successful startup project to emerge from AWcode as it’s own company.

Launched in 2016 it is rapidly expanding global coverage of both it’s SaaS based software solution for Transport Operators and the only Global Booking Network focused primarily on offering group ground transport solution. has raised a few rounds of investment at a latest valuation of around $1M.

Hire A Bus is the sister company of, both separate companies but owned by the holding company.

It is building an online market place of coach, bus and minibus hire companies, using modern technology to connect travelers with operators. The booking dot com for group transport.

Britishop launched on a small scale in 2019, before taking off with hockeystick growth in 2020.

Now firmly established as one of the market leaders for nationwide delivery of Expat foods in Thailand.

ReviewsTap offers small businesses with the tools to easily collect, manage and improve online reviews across a variety of platforms.

Supported integrations and user base are both growing since it became its own company.


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