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AWcode is a Web Development Agency & Startup Provider

Here at AWcode we like to spend our time on projects we enjoy, creating things that interest and challenge us.

In addition to clients choosing to work with us, we also are pro-active in choosing which clients we work with. We aren’t afraid to say no to a project that isn’t a good fit.

Our main expertise is in Web Development working on the Lamp Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) which covers a majority of the most common Web Technologies today.

We also work regularly on new tech startups, in multiple roles including creation, development, validation, mentor-ship and more. Some of these startups are built ourselves in-house, while others are working as a partner for external founders.

We have recently worked on projects featuring:

Factory Efficiency & Automations
Software as a Service Solutions
eCommerce Stores
Transportation & Logistics
WordPress Websites
WordPress Plugins
eCommerce Stores
Online Marketplaces
Augmented Reality
Interactive Touch Screen Hallways
Mobile Applications
Scalable Microservice Platforms
Custom Web Applications
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