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Hiring a Start-Up Development Agency

Hiring a Start-Up Development Agency

Hunting down the right developer for your startup can be very overwhelming. Many founders have mentioned that it is a tougher job than even raising finances. In the world of digitization, hiring and sourcing the perfect tech team for yourself is a significant challenge on its own. 

Today's fast-paced world runs extensively on code; that is why developers hold a secure place in the market. The top talent developers can be found in big tech industries such as Google and Facebook. They also offer them hefty salaries. However, the competition in smaller-scale markets is robust. This makes it very hard for one to hire the right kind of developer for your startup. 

If you want to know some actionable tips to help you hire the right start-up developer for yourself, then these are the things you should keep an eye on as you begin your search:

1.Right talent at the right place:

Many of the talented software engineers and developers are hired at other firms. That is the reason they are not available to you. Even if you have posted a job description, they will not come to you because they already have found work.

In this case, you must look for passive talent and hire them so that they can work on your given project. So, you don't have to call the developers to you, but you have to go to them, and this is how you do that:


Developers have many activities, such as conferences,  tech events, and hackathons. When you visit these events, you can find a myriad of talents. Pitch in and let them know what you have at hand and what you are willing to offer for their expertise. Once you have started a conversation, you are at your first step in finding the desired developer for your startup.

    Online presence: 

Many online communities provide you with verified developers. On these platforms, such as GitHub, and Stack Overflow, developers keep their profiles updated, which can give you a great insight into their work and of how clean their coding methods are.

The best way to get a developer to work with you honestly is to give them respect. They work hard, and sometimes they can't find the right place to work at, it would be encouraging for them if you offer them with recognition. This will help them to work with freedom on what they love as well as help them build their portfolio and learn more during the working process. This will give them a chance to pick you over already established businesses.

2. Request them to work on a real-life issue:

To start with the work, give them a problem that they can solve. You won't be able to understand their expertise. If you give them hypothetical situations to work on, it is always better to start with the problem that is present in the present moment.

The developer's approach will give you great insight into how they tackle situations and what their reaction is. Not only will you understand them better, but also they would get a solid insight into what kind of work they should be looking forward to and which type of tech they will be working on.


 You should also take a look at the price that they are willing to work at, and dirt cheap developers might not be as good as you expect them to be. Moreover, many developers are self-taught, so a resume will not tell you much about their work; however, the experience will.

We hope these tips were helpful, and you find the right developer for your startup.

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