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Future Startup Founders/CEO

AWcode started the transition into working as a startup studio in 2017 and this year we are kicking things up a gear to top speed!

The concept of a Startup Studio means that we work on creating multiple new Startup Businesses at the same time through shared resources.

First we test the market on numerous ideas, validating or rejecting each as quickly and cheaply as possible through customer discussions, market research and if needed building an MVP.

Next we double down on the most promising ideas and try to gain some initial traction - this is when you come along as the Founder/CEO/Get-everything-done startup leader. Each startup at this stage will have one dedicated full time CEO and share development/design/marketing/project/accounting resources with AWcode.

Your job is simple (haha!), to take your startup project from early idea to self sustainable, high growth profitable business, most likely raising some Seed investment along the way. Hopefully then sell or IPO in 5-10 years, making you and the early team huge returns!


  • Chance to join an early stage startup as the top man/woman
  • High ownership equity stake in the new company which will spin off from AWcode once ready
  • Salary available while bootstrapping (affects equity, will be small but live-able until startup funded or profitable)
  • Initial funding covered to get idea moving
  • Work with our experienced team who understand how to make this happen
  • Startup idea optional, we can build your idea if suitable or you take over one of our validated business concepts.
  • Backup plans for failure - if any ideas prove not to work we can put on the shelf and focus on the next


  • Hard working, self motivated problem solver and achiever
  • Sales experience essential, you are solely responsible for creating early revenue
  • Able to make most of limited resources while still getting results
  • Good customer communications, feedback and learning critical to success
  • Past experience owning, managing or supervising businesses a plus
  • Finance/accounting/forecasting understanding a plus
  • Lean startup methodology knowledge is a plus, willingness to learn and adopt a must.


Openings for multiple Startup CEO roles will come available at different times, please apply now if you are interested even if not actively looking right now. If a suitable project is ready to kickoff and your experience ticks all the boxes we will get in touch.

To apply fill in the form below or email [email protected]

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