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Open Source Software

Open Source Software is involved in so much of the work we do, giving us the tools and platforms that make much of our work possible.

Our servers and some of our computers run on Linux.
We write most software in PHP using MySQL.
Most projects are built on either wordpress or laravel, often using jquery.

All of these are open source, meaning they are freely available for anyone to use, copy and adapt as they see fit. This results in a global community of developers contributing to projects, bringing great technology for the world to benefit from.

In addition to using many of these open source projects, we also work on giving back to the developer community by sharing our own code for anyone to use.

Thai Laravel

This was developed through our own internal needs, from regularly building Laravel systems for the Thailand market.


Again developed from our own needs and then released in opensource, this is a collection of tools to assist PHP developers handle various colour formatsand functions.

AWcode Toolkit

A free wordpress plugin offering a range of useful functions for developers
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