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for Smart, Lean Factories
Easy & Secure User Management
Manage all staff users, with flexible roles & permissions
Setup and manage your production lines
View & control all production lines & workstations
Comprehensive Part Management
Manage all staff users, with flexible roles & permissions
Easy & Secure Device Provisioning
Setup new workstation devices and TV dashboards
Powerful Document Management
Version controlled documents for use through the factory

Who is Lean OS For?

Lean OS is designed for factories of any size, from 20 to 2000+ employees.
All industries can benefit from installing Lean OS, from automotive, electronics, appliances, chemicals, plastics, metals & more....

How does it work?

Lean OS is a software which helps factories across multiple areas of their operations.
It is accessed through any web browser, from any device and can either be hosted on-site or in our cloud servers.
You can run Lean OS as your primary management system, or connect with your existing ERP to perform specific functions.

Popular Lean OS Modules

Lean OS is a modular system, allowing you to enable additional functionality by turning on a supported module.
This ensures that you keep costs down by only paying for the features you plan to use.+

Production Scheduling Module

Plan production flow, batching and implement efficient Pull Systems

Stock Control Module

Track stock levels across multiple zones, conduct stock checks & set notifications

Quality Control Module

Guide staff through what to check, track results and trigger alerts on failures

Other Lean OS Modules

Incident Tracking Module

Record and manage any accidents or major incidents.

Maintenance Schedule Module

Set preventative maintenance schedule for all machinery

Tooling Changeover Module

Provide instructions and checks for changeovers on each machine

Lean 5S's Module

Record 5S processes and optimal setup for each workstation

Security Checkpoint Module

Pre-registration process for suppliers & visitors

HR Overtime Module

Digital overtime request process which all staff can access via their phone
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