Web Design and Development Services

     Here at AWcode we like to spend our time on projects we enjoy, creating things that interest and challenge us.

      In addition to clients choosing to work with us, we also are pro-active in choosing which clients we work with. We aren’t afraid to say no to a project that isn’t a good fit.

     Our main expertise is in Web Development working on the Lamp Stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) which covers a majority of the most common Web Technologies today.

We have recently worked on projects featuring:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Interactive Touch Screen Hallways
  • Mobile Applications
  • Scalable Microservice Platforms
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Software as a Service Solutions
  • WordPress Websites
  • WordPress Plugins

Our core focus is on building modern, powerful and scale-able software solutions online.

Whether it is for desktop browsers, mobiles, tablets or even IoT we have the right team to get the task done.

Our Developers can build both Android and iOS mobile and tablet apps for cases where a mobile optimised website is not sufficient.

Web applications need a home and that home is typically a web server.

We can plan, configure, deploy and maintain your entire infrastructure whether you are running a simple website or an autoscaling cloud based solution.

We are comfortable working with all the major hosting providers.

Once your new site or system is ready to launch, the next step is to switch it live, preferable with the minimum of disruption or downtime to your users.

We have conducted this process so many times that we have mastered the art of smooth migrations.

We can put new websites live with zero downtime in the majority of cases, with very complex systems where downtime is unavoidable generally limited to minutes not hours.

For standard websites we can offer web hosting services that eliminate the cost and complexity of running your own web servers.

Our servers are fully managed, secured and run regular backups to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


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