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Custom Software Solutions

Our Favourite! Websites are great, but these are our specialty.

     Whatever your business is, automating and digitising key areas can bring outstanding results in areas as wide ranging as efficiency, time and cost savings, automation and marketing.

Some custom projects we have created recently include:

  • – Touch screen hall of fame with a row of multiple touch screens providing a multi user interactive showcase
  • – Full ERP System web interface
  • – Booking and business management platform for transport companies
  • – Augmented Reality mobile app providing interactive information overlay while touring buildings.
  • – Online marketplace for traditionally offline product sales
  • – Online platform providing real time scores and schedules for multiple sports
  • – Dual factor authentication fingerprint scanning solution
  • – Interactive promotional e-book mobile apps
  • – Touchscreen mind map presentation platform
  • – Auction management platforms
  • – Real estate management platforms
  • – Online community and forums
  • – Audio and Video live streaming solutions

Prices can be provided after a discussion of your requirements

Services can include designing, building and ongoing management

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