Social Media Marketing

** Social Media Management available from 4,500 THB per month **

What is Social Media?

     Social Media is a broad term that covers popular platforms where members discuss and share in a group environment, most notably Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest.

     Businesses can create profiles on these sites and by regularly posting interesting content can build up a following of customers, fans and leads.

Why Social Media?

     Social Media is a growing channel that can be highly effective at expanding your businesses audience and reaching new customers.

     At a basic level, a solid social media presence will build trust and support from your loyal customers and grow awareness with a wider audience. Also, depending on your industry and business Social Media can even become your primary sales channel.

Social Media Management

     AWcode can help businesses by planning, managing and executing an effective Social Media Campaign. First of all we will get to know your business, goals, challenges and selling points to understand who your target audience is and how best to reach them.

     Then we will create a weekly posting schedule, to publish a variety of different types of content each week.

     With the schedule in place we next create high quality, branded content promoting your business. Every month we will create more and more content, along with republishing existing content where appropriate.

Basic Package

  • Social Media Management
  • Monthly new content generation
  • Regular posting 10 times per week
  • Setup Fee 6,000 THB +vat
  • Monthly Fee 4,500 THB +vat

Professional Package

  • Social Media Management
  • Monthly new content generation
  • Regular posting 18 times per week
  • Sponsored adverts to boost audience
  • Setup Fee 8,000 THB +vat
  • Monthly Fee 9,500 THB +vat

Social Media Advertising

      The social media promotion we have discussed so far is all free to publish to publish on the social platforms.

      This works great when you have an audience (eg. lots of likes on your page) since you content will display most prominently to your fans, their friends and people with similar interest.

     However it can also be beneficial to promote outside your existing audience, either to grow your social following or to target sales.

     Facebook especially has a vast collection of data and allows advertising to target customers very specifically based on their demographics, interests, travels, employment etc. When your product is an impulse buy rather than a specific need, facebook ads can be powerful.

     AWcode can help manage your social media advertising, creating the adverts, setting up your targeting rules and monitoring then optimising over time.

     Your advertising spend would be paid directly to facebook, kept as close to pre-agreed budgets as possible. Our management fee is 2,000 THB or 10% of your advertising budget, whichever is higher.

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