Sales & Marketing Manager / GM


AWcode are looking to hire a Sales & Marketing manager who will ideally be able to transition into a General Manager position as things progress.

As a company we have 2 core but separate focuses and you will be responsible for leading the sales and marketing activity in both.

  1. Providing web development and software services to clients both in Thailand and around the world.
  2. Helping Idealise, validate and building multiple new startups in house. These then later spin off into independent companies, following the startup studio model.

Initially you will be solely responsible for sales and marketing efforts in a department of 1, but this is expected to expand over time. Until then, suitable tasks will be outsourced as needed.

With the startup studio your task will be to help assess, research and validate the internal ideas, work with the development team to build an MVP and then conduct initial sales/signup campaign to confirm necessary traction to commit to the idea.
Once each ideas potential is confirmed we will find a full time founder to commit to the new business and lead it forward.

Down the line there is the potential to then step into a GM role and help manage all aspects of the day to day along with the future Sales team.


  • Exciting and rewarding role with exposure to a variety of challenges and industries.
  • Flexible conditions to start – open to part time or full time initially but expect availability to match requirements as growth proceeds
  • Failure welcome attitude on the Startup Studio side – no need to waste time fighting a losing battle, we move fast, fail quickly and double down on what truly works
  • Equity ownership stake in company available subject to vesting
  • Potential to transition into high ownership position of one of the created startups if the fit is right and that route preferred
  • Salary/commissions negotiable, subject to experience, time commitment, commission rates and equity stake taken
  • Thai work permit available


  • Good English language (open to Thai’s and Expats) plus ability to communicate and work with Thai team members (English/Thai-lish is fine, spoken Thai is great)
  • Able to either work at least part time in our Pattaya office
  • Hard working, self motivated sales and marketing professional
  • Project management or business management experienced preferred
  • Good customer communications, both for sales but also assisting with customer support
  • Finance/accounting/forecasting understanding a plus
  • Lean startup methodology knowledge is a plus, willingness to learn and adopt a must.


To apply fill in the form below or email [email protected]