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Startup MVP + CTO as a Service

$4,995 / month for 4 months



So, you have the next big idea and want to bring it to life?
But you are not technical and can’t build the product yourself, so what should you do?

Talk to us!

Our team have considerable experience in building startups, both internally and providing development services for founders without a technical co-founder.

We are able to provide a package where we provide all necessary resource to plan, design, build and launch the first version of your startup.

How does this work?

Essentially our team becomes a part of your team.

You will have main contact with a single technical lead who will work with and advise you at a CTO level, while also directly managing other resources in the product team.

Having the right ideas, experience and direction in these early stages of your startup is critical. It is often a key factor to success, combined with your own execution of the business elements.

What is an MVP?

An MVP is a Minimum Viable Product, a core element of the Lean Startup Principles. At its core this means the simplest version of your product that is capable of testing your startup plan works as you expect.

Core questions that you need to answer early on are:
Do my target customers really have the problem(s) I am solving?
Does my product solve the problem(s) my target customers have?
Do my target customers want to use my product?
Will they pay for it?

The MVP needs to be minimal enough to get to market quickly and cheaply, while being viable enough that customers get value when using it. It won’t have all the features, bells and whistles you may have imagined but it will be a solid, usable and (hopefully) sell-able product. *sell-able depends on your business plan and prior validation!

Some advocates of Lean Startup and MVP suggest that an MVP doesn’t need any product or coding at all. Dropbox famously raised their first investment from a video alone!
In many cases this is a great idea, if you can prove or disprove the idea before spending time and money on development. Think a survey, landing page or video designed to test assumptions and obtain early validation.
We won’t be taking this approach though, we are a software company and we build products!
However, we do recommend that you validate your ideas as best as you can by yourself, before partnering with us.

Will you build exactly what I am after?

Yes and no. Of course we will build following your product and business plan and the final result will be very close to what you are planning.

However a few factors may affect the final outcome:

  • Time restraints – This MVP is built on a fixed schedule, we will build as much as is possible within the 3 month timeframe.
  • Early testing and feedback – If testing proves that an idea is ineffective, unwanted or unfeasible we wont waste your time and effort doing it because it was in the original spec. We will learn, adapt and pivot towards what works. You will thanks us in the end!
  • Value prioritisation – Some planned features may need to be left out of the MVP since competing features deliver more value. We prioritise the best possible product to prove your business idea and win early customers.

What does the “CTO as a Service” cover?

During the initial development, one of our senior technical team members will be working with you in a CTO capacity, managing all technical aspects of the business for you.

In addition we extend this service for a total of 12 months, continuing the CTO support on a part time basis.
Your CTO will be offering advice, strategy and direction. They won’t be actively developing the product, but could oversee our teams on additional paid development work.

After the 12 months is up you will hopefully have found someone to come onboard as full-time CTO. If not we are open to discussion on an extension or even hiring one of our team. Any extension will typically involve a financial or equity compensation package.

What Will you get?

  • MVP designed, built and deployed into your own hosting accounts (credits available)
  • 3 month program covering MVP and Business Support.
  • CTO level partner working closely with you on this project.
  • 12 months of part time CTO support.
  • Designers, developers, testers, marketers making things happen.
  • Solid, Secure & Scalable IT infrastructure designed and built.
  • Creating or iterating on your Business Model Canvas and go to market plan.
  • Advice on company structure, incorporation and investor readiness.
  • Perks from some of our partners (AWS $5k hosting credits, Zendesk, Stripe Atlas…)

What is the cost?

$19,980 USD
– $4,995 in advance
– $4,995 x 3 monthly payments

+ 5% equity in your startup, issued on launch of your MVP.

Want a discount?

We offer a 20% discount worth almost $4,000 if you complete our Startup Validation Service prior to building your MVP.

We recommend this route to all startups, after all the 20% discount is worth more than the cost of the Startup Validation Service so it is guaranteed to save you money.
More importantly it reduces your risk as a properly validated idea helps build what customers really want from the start.
Lastly if it turns out your idea is flawed and together we can’t see a viable path forward, it has cost under $3k to learn this, which is far better to find out than after commiting $20k!


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