First Time Founder?
About To Or Just Begun Your Startup Journey?

If this is you, then we have a great opportunity available to you.

Our CEO, Mark Walker, has set aside time each week to help tomorrows startup founders prepare for the challenges ahead.

Every startup makes mistakes, especially early on when so many things are new. Learning from others, who have already made the same journey, is one of the best ways of reducing the mistakes and increasing your odds of success.

If you are accepted then we will schedule in a 45 minute consultation call between you & Mark, completely FREE (normally this would come at a cost of $495!)

The call will start with a deep dive into your startup idea, current progress and challenges being faced. Mark will then follow with constructive and actionable advice on the topics most relevant to your needs; from Idea, Validation, Product, Tech, Pricing, Marketing, Fundraising or more.

This is 100% focused on your needs and personalised to each startup. We won’t be trying to sell you anything, our goal is to help out the leaders of tomorrow and hopefully build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Since we are giving this away for free we have a couple of conditions.

  1. You must be building a tech based startup
  2. Max $15k USD current funding, from Friends & Family only (no Anglels/VC)
  3. Currently under $10k USD per month Revenue

If you don’t meet these requirements but are still interested, then get in touch to discuss our standard consulting rates.

Appointment With: Mark Walker
CEO @ AWcode
CTO -> CEO @ &
Involved with 12+ startups as founder, tech & advisor
Multiple successful fundraises, most at $1M+ valuation

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Request your FREE 45 minute consultation with our CEO below.

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