Startup Studio

In addition to completing projects for Clients, we also dedicate development time to our own projects, experiments and sometimes crazy ideas.

Combining the Lean Startup Methodology with the Startup Studio model (sometimes referred to as Venture Lab, Startup Factory or Startup Foundry), we quickly iterate on taking multiple ideas to proof of concept simultaneously. The ideas that fail to gain traction get binned or shelved with successful projects getting spun out into separate companies to begin their own independent journey.

By working on multiple startups at the same time we maximise our chances of success and eliminate the desire to stick with a failing idea that kills so many startups.

Our experiments in different areas keep our development teams at the top of their game which benefits all areas of the company.

Our Process

  • Idea
  • MVP
  • Test and validate
  • Stop, proceed or pivot
  • Demonstrate Growth
  • Spin-off and funding
  • Repeat

Current Projects & Experiments

Successful Spinoffs was the first successful startup project to emerge from AWcode as it's own company. Launched in 2016...


Please Get In Touch With Any Questions You May Have To Discuss Your Project - we’d love to hear from you ....