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AWcode is a Web Development Agency, Startup Studio and Startup Incubator.

We develop innovative software solutions solving business problems, both in house and for clients around the world.

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We love to innovate and are regularly solving complex challenges in our own work and for clients.

Whether you are looking to drive efficiency to an existing business or do something completely original we can help.

Our team has success in building businesses, not just software, with this experience in this passed on through our work.

Web Development


Our experienced team of web developers are available to help bring your project ideas to life.

No job is too big, some may be too small, but please get in touch to discuss your requirements – initial advice is free!

We like to focus our efforts on exciting projects that push the limits of technology and are selective on the projects that we take on.

Startup Support


Having an idea for a new startup is the easy part, the critical factors for success are what follows.

From developing an MVP through to validating your ideas and discovering product market fit, the startup journey is long and hard work.

We support startups through this journey, both successful lab experiments and outside founders with a great idea.


Please Get In Touch With Any Questions You May Have To Discuss Your Project

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